Where are your stores?
Mister Fitz can be found at 1 Little Street, Fortitude Valley (behind Les Bubbles).

What are your opening hours?
You can find our opening hours here!

Is your ice cream gluten-free?
Mister Fitz has a large selection of 'low gluten' ice cream. There are a couple of flavours that contain gluten so please ask our friendly staff for help.

What is 'low gluten'?
Although we offer 'low gluten' ice cream, we can not guarantee that any of our products are 100% gluten-free. Our 'low gluten' ice cream has no gluten added, however, there is always a possibility of cross contamination due to the kitchen and display environments. Our ice cream is created and prepared on equipment that produces regular ice cream and as such may contain traces of gluten.

* We recommend that our ‘low gluten’ options are suitable for people with a non-Coeliac gluten sensitivity *

Do you have any dairy-free ice cream?
Mister Fitz have dairy-free sorbet available in both of our stores. Please ask our staff what the sorbet flavour of the day is.

Do you have any vegan ice cream?
Mister Fitz's sorbet is both dairy free and vegan. Please ask our staff what the sorbet flavour of the day is.

I have a peanut allergy. Can I eat your ice cream?
You can! However, it is strongly recommended that anyone with a peanut allergy should not consume our cookies or toppings.

What's in your ice cream?
Our ice cream is made with eggs, full cream milk and pure cream (no gelatine).

Does your ice cream contain preservatives?
Our ice cream contains no preservatives, but some artificial colours.